”PareadoI'm failing to grasp the satirical and comedy aspects of it. For me, this just sounds like a not so great Gorillaz song with a dark twist. Overall it's an ok experiment, but not enough to make me engaged for more than 6 minutes.“



Declined May 13, 2023

Thanks for submitting it's an interesting track with lot's of different sounds to enjoys a whole track to liste to it's not quite there for me, good luck with the release though...


Indie Playlists YouTube Channel

GODDAMN GOTHS ON METH - Song Of Lies (Remix)

Declined May 112023

I enjoyed the beat at the beginning of Song of LiesJust couldn't quite get into the rest of this one, sorryThanks for sharing it with us thoughBest of luck


SpineSaw Records

Spotify Playlister

GODDAMN GOTHS ON METH - Song Of Lies (Remix)

Declined May 112023

We aren't looking for this kind of experimental and psychedelic atmosphere stuff to be honestWe don't have the fitting playlists and exposure for this style! We wish you the best of luck with the track and have a nice day!

The Wild Is Calling

Blog Really Good Blogger

GODDAMN GOTHS ON METH- Nowhere Fast (The Smiths Cover)

Declined May 112023

“The playing on this is great but the mix really needs a modern update-its very muddy and would not blend well within the quality of features on out siteWe hope this feedback helps”


Radio Enlace 107.5 FM

GODDAMN GOTHS ON METH - Nowhere Fast (The Smiths Cover)

Declined May 12, 2023

Spanish: HolaMuchas gracias por enviar la canciónInteresante adaptación instrumental del clásico de The

Smiths, pero en Hotel Arizona no solemos programar ni versiones ni instrumentales. Lo sientoTe la rechazo a

la espera de escuchar algo de tu propio repertorio

English: HelloThank you very much for sending the songInteresting instrumental adaptation of The Smiths classic but at Hotel Arizona we don't usually program versions or instrumentalsI'm sorry. turn it down waiting to hear something from your own repertoire


+ Blog

Really Good Blogger


GODDAMN GOTHS ON METH - Nowhere Fast (The Smiths Cover).

Declined May 12, 2023

Was so excited to hear The Smiths in a new context Wow love it. think that you nailed the performance but felt that overall this could also bring a few newer elements to thisGlad to hear more



Spotify Playlister

GODDAMN GOTHS ON METH - Nowhere Fast (The Smiths Cover)

O Declined May 12, 2023

“Really good groove here love the guitar tone on this just look for more Funk music from my playlist”

Anton Panasiuk

Spotify Playlister

GODDAMN GOTHS ON METH - Nowhere Fast (The Smiths Cover)

“Hello. Thank you for the music you share! Incredibly beautiful guitar playing that complements the drums perfectlyThe song has a fresh flow and cool instrumental lines, but feel like the song didn't hook me enough to add, sorryThanks and good luck”



GODDAMN GOTHS ON METH - Nowhere Fast (The Smiths Cover)

Declined May 12, 2023

“Portuguese: Olá pessoalouvi a música de vocêsÉ uma versão interessante da cançãoo instrumental tem o seu valorAinda mais para mim, que respeito o trabalho dos Smiths, mas nunca consegui gostar da voz de


Mas mesmo gostando do clima quase surf rock da faixaela não chegou a me empolgar tanto assimnão

pude apreciar de forma mais intensainfelizmente

English: Hello everyone, heard your music. It's an interesting version of the song, the instrumental has its valueEven more so for me, as respect the work of the Smithsbut have never been able to like Morrissey's voice

But even though liked the almost surf rock atmosphere of the track, it didn't get me that excited-unfortunately I couldn't appreciate it more intensely.”

The Slow Music Movement Blog

Declined May 11

“A fine piece of audio visual freaky with all sorts of weird and wonderful sonic elements and what sounds like Lucifer on lead vocals however the overall sounds was just a bit too dark and edgy for our generally warmer and easier listening ways, but I appreciated the originality and wish you well with the release”.


Ingrown Radio


"Hello and Cosmic GreetingsThis is seriously fantastic worktruly incredible stuff! Thank you so much for sending it over our wayWe would absolutely love to play this track on our local experimental / indie public access and internet radio show Ingrown Radio - Found Sounds Submithub in the next couple weeks (after release date of course) with episodes archived on our Mixcloud if that still works for youThank you again so very muchWishing you all the best. Take care! - Ryan, Ingrown Records and Ingrown Radio ("

To be shared:

as part of a radio show and on Mixcloud

ideally within a week

Indie Music NationYouTube Channel

DeclinedMay 13, 2023

Polished instrumentation but the track is very similar to the original in my opinion,I would prefer a mix with elements that make it stand out and with more fresh

20 days ago

  • ListenedMay 11, 2023
  • Approved after 2 minutes, 33 seconds (YouTube)May 11, 2023
    "Hey! We intent to publish your track in our radio show "SubmitHub Songs" in Rádio Armazém schedule on May 20 at 6 PM (Brazil time) on our web site: ( And it will also be on our official Spotify playlist."
    To be shared:
    • as part of a radio show and in a Spotify playlist
    • ideally within a week

    • Eclectic MusicSpotify Playlister

      • DeclinedMay 13, 2023

        Hey, thanks for the submission!

        Whilst we can appreciate the dark and glitchy soundscape you've created, we tend to accept more melodic, textural breakbeat/house tunes.

        We're sure you'll have more luck getting accepted on a more appropriate playlist.

        All the best,


        P.S. Really liked the trippy visuals, they fit perfectly with the soundscape you've created


        • DeclinedMay 13, 2023
          This is a very absorbing track with an interesting groove and hypnotic textures. The vocals were very interesting. Thanks a lot for sending it in. Regards, Jay.

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