Welcome to the world of GODDAMN GOTHS ON METH, an experimental music project that defies boundaries and embraces the esoteric. Led by Robert Bryant, this journey is one of sonic exploration, delving deep into the realms of noise, ambient soundscapes, and unfiltered emotion.


GODDAMN GOTHS ON METH is not just a band; it’s an experience. The music is a raw and honest reflection of the human psyche, tackling themes of existentialism, spirituality, and the darker facets of life. The belief in the power of sound to transcend the mundane and evoke profound introspection is at the core of the project.


The sound of GODDAMN GOTHS ON METH is an eclectic mix of experimental noise, haunting melodies, and atmospheric textures. Influenced by the occult, arcane knowledge, and philosophical musings, each track is a journey into the unknown. The music is for those who seek something beyond the ordinary, for those unafraid to confront their inner darkness.

The Artist

Robert Bryant, the creative force behind GODDAMN GOTHS ON METH, channels his personal experiences and unique perspective into every piece. Living in Grand Junction, Colorado, Robert’s journey has been marked by challenges and revelations, all of which inform the project’s distinct voice. His passion for the occult, esoteric studies, and the mysteries of existence shines through in every note.

Latest Release

GODDAMN GOTHS ON METH is excited to announce the upcoming release of a double album, featuring a collection of B sides and miscellaneous tracks. This compilation represents the breadth of their creative output, offering listeners a deeper dive into evolving soundscapes.

Join the Journey

Join GODDAMN GOTHS ON METH on this sonic adventure. Explore the music, immerse yourself in the world, and connect with a community that embraces the unconventional. GODDAMN GOTHS ON METH is more than music; it’s a movement.

Stay tuned for updates, new releases, and more by following the journey into the unknown. I already do

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