GODDAMN GOTHS ON METH Teams Up With Dark Skank On Crank For “White Rabbit” – Online NOW.

We’re all mad here.  Some of us are GODDAMN mad.

With a twisted take on Jefferson Airplane’s epic masterpiece, GODDAMN GOTHS ON METH has joined forces with Dark Skank On Crank to take listeners further down the rabbit-hole than they’d ever dare to venture on their own.  Officially released on Valentine’s Day 2023, this enchanting underground version of “White Rabbit” has been set free to warp reality with shape-shifting sensory sound designed to bend the fabric ofspace, time, and the minds of listeners tuning-in from around the world, through the most well-known psychedelic song of the past century.  Bringing the spirit of the legendary “White Rabbit” into a more malevolent realm as only GODDAMN GOTHS ON METH and Dark Skank On Crank combined could ever accomplish; this is not a cover for the faint of heart – you will be altered by this experience.

From the malevolent contortions of sound created by GODDAMN GOTHS ON METH, to the mystifying vocals provided by Dark Skank Of Crank, “White Rabbit” reveals the fragility of existence through the haunting tale of Lewis Carroll’s Through The Looking Glass, with wicked new perspective in their cover.  Adding in two B-sides – “Let’s Go GangStalk!” with the full support of a social-media-shredding video, and “Goat Guts – Glory Goat Hole” to take Alice’s story even further into the darkness of our modern day, this trifecta of tantalizing tributary work will permanently traumatize listeners fully beyond repair.

Prepare for the madness to take hold, and surrender when it comes to claim your soul – “White Rabbit” is now available online, and serves to provide a moment in time that no one could ever possibly forget.

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