Your Hollowness Will Echo Through Eternity – GODDAMN GOTHS ON METH’s UMOJNLQXN 08/28/23!

What if everything means nothing, and what if nothing means everything?  GODDAMN GOTHS ON METH returns in the summer of 2023 to provide the answer on the brand-new album UMOJNLQXN. A record that unapologetically examines the lack of meaning within our existence on Earth…an album that dares to stare straight into the void and acknowledge the pointlessness of enlightenment…an experience that will shake your beliefs to the core, and challenge everything you’ve ever thought – UMOJNLQXN is the sound of your soul being crushed and breaking in real time.  Taking listeners on a sadistic trip that delves into the darkest regions of who we think we are, all the way through to the creation of our own demise through the advent of A.I., UMOJNLQXN contains a profoundly frightening lineup of ten deadly new cuts that are designed to fuck with your mind and permanently alter the reality you once knew, forevermore.

Deep down inside, you’ve always known your time on this planet would amount to nothing and that any meaning you’ve given to any moment is nothing more than marketing as a means for your own survival.  UMOJNLQXN invites you to look past all the existentialist bullshit, and embrace the ether of nothingness proudly…to recognize how small we are as a civilization in the face of its impending & unstoppable peril.

GODDAMN GOTHS ON METH has created the soundtrack for our justified disillusionment, and suggests that you listen quickly before the entire world burns – UMOJNLQXN is available online everywhere now.

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