GODDAMN GOTHS ON METH is a satirical look at the macabre, mixing bleak humor with a snarky take on the gothic subculture. Founded by artist/producer/songwriter Robert Bryant, GODDAMN GOTHS ON METH discography respectfully pokes fun at the gothic lifestyle.

GODDAMN GOTHS ON METH has been a top purveyor of the odd and the peculiar through 2023 and has released two new albums: INRI and White Rabbit. The songs showcase personalities in various scenarios, usually involving drugs, alcohol, and other vices. His unique, expertly convoluted style of the exhibition has captivated listeners across the Internet.

GODDAMN GOTHS ON METH is metaphorically the utmost outsider and scapegoat, cursed and despised by Heaven, ridiculed by Society, demonized and feared by the masses. Hmm, does that remind you of anyone?

The music is an introspection of the exertions marginalized, and the sounds are testaments to the power of non-conformity, Gloomy wit with a wry take on a hypocritical populace.

The albums showcase different styles of music, ranging from noise to goth rock to industrial, and are meant to be as much fun as they are thought-provoking. The lyrics are often darkly humorous and frequently make references to pop culture. The project has gained a cult following, with fans worldwide. The albums are praised for their unique sound and abstract lyrical content. GODDAMN GOTHS ON METH's unique perspective into a subculture is the basis they're a favorite among fans of dark humor.

From their 2018 debut album - ABRAHADABRA - to their most recent release - White Rabbit. The albums feature opaque ambient soundscapes, industrial rhythms, and noise elements. Creating a sonic experience that probes deeper into the art and heart of occultism, conspiracies, and pseudoscience.

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