GODDAMN GOTHS ON METH Doesn’t Do BS Top-40 – The ScrewTape Singles Threatens Your Playlists.

Some folks make music because they want to – GODDAMN GOTHS ON METH makes music because it’s a fucking necessary tool for survival.  A bridge between the demons of the spirit realm and the hell GGOM is trapped in on Earth – The ScrewTape Singles is full audible proof this project is a verifiable conduit for the darkness that surrounds us daily, yet no one else can hear…or perhaps, no one else dares to listen.

Exploratory, mischievous, and menacing – GODDAMN GOTHS ON METH has opened the portal leading directly to the underworld & unleashed a set of savage B-sides partly inspired by the controversial book, The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis, and partly inspired by the ghastly voices that exist and thrive within the tortured mind behind the music.  This wasn’t a record that GGOM wanted to make – it was required; and so compelled by those same distant voices growing louder, growing closer, The ScrewTape Singles was documented to reveal the extent of the psychological damage & pure terror invading his thoughts.

You are formally encouraged to run away from this album as far as you can possibly get, lest your mind become as equally corrupted and malevolent as what has happened to GODDAMN GOTHS ON METH.  Featuring horrifying collages of voices and noise that no one should ever be subjected to against their will, The ScrewTape Singles plays like an auditory exorcism designed to test the mettle of your very soul; a solitary spin through this album will change those listening forevermore – and not at all for the better.

Succumb to the darkness!  If you are reading this right now, you have been summoned – called upon to witness the mayhem & twisted chaos of GODDAMN GOTHS ON METH like you’ve never heard it before.  The ScrewTape Singles is available online in the dankest corners of the internet, and fully guaranteed to be the last thing you remember hearing before you lost the rest of your GODDAMN mind, permanently.

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