Finally the Official Panty Anty!

Where in the fuck are those GODDAMN Lyrics!!!


After a couple years of wondering what in the hell I actually wrote in this contorted piece of crap!

AND Like anybody cares. But I’m GODDAMN delighted to have found the original recording!


Click below for audio ↓



Here’s what an A.I. speech to text app interpreted the lyrics as… Pretty Close

' Easter water Avril and Sarasota Rocha. Smith's near Wayside Bobby's mummies steadfast Nazis Gulf Coast tractor of North Forsyth Road. Scottsdale Regency Valley, Phoenix plays as mrs. Undress, yes, feckless recess. Kiss the Frog talks on sexual favor. Your character is both sold as good friend fruit and mint to tear off your panty. Auntie Kodak blacks, lack translate, don't wind it. Concluded to check to see pants Netherland tryouts for Springs lead violin dark discharge Chesney's. Fleas disease, decrease just went hauling ass. It's Vegas. Famous famous, send cupolas restaurants. 2 mi race Thursday's, take her back. Better faster. A can gun. Show is the dumb. Dumb number one Resort fee car in parties have not packed.
Eat free on sweet feet and legs leg feet, burning break in when she bent spent wine while sweat sweating. Nausea cramps. Round face of corrupt Ways to Die. Finger Digger, bunny butt licker right now, Jack Twitter sister shut living outside of the rancid. Jesus, Venus is needless gravis held out here and steadfast as Terrance King Black Mass Free Clinic way stakeouts, red tick chicken within ten lashes grow and i x x x legs legs legs and necks or NorCal truck. Stop down in the trunk asked Sandy drunk. Tank tanks. Not empty bank. Still while I dealt with real ideal. Controlled self stale fish toy. Snub nose holsters in plant and Transplant. It slammed by this damned fools rammed into my scans. Voice Rejoice Hospital Springfield Health, Crystal Light, Bristol raceway,
Trental lost it. I have a longing in Pennsylvania fickle sound of the Divide done. Some bomb can, can can come so SRI Rama drumcenternh, strong bond with a conference in San Tan, transfer rate, first diagnosed pointless. Flip-flops not shift. I turn 53 in postgame. Presser I decompose ladylike, closed hurts the letter X RaeLynn tailgate and not sock. Me. Fuck you and me to count on my watch. Granny granny granny drones on nightstand. Runaway moans they don't freeze bread set breaths when he's got wet Macbeth leaving. Guess I can't. Please listen. Take sits on her knees. Please please, please change my Tara squeeze my face. That's Gracin crazy Ali. Wash slash don't really like my Hi-Fi to my death.

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