Extra Special Thanks To Ingrown Records!

Special thanks to Ingrown Records!

Ingrown Records is brodcasting ‘SONG OF LIES”  track and video on their ambient/experimental Broadcast TONIGHT!!!

This will air 5/18 Thursday evening at 10pm eastern on local public access TV and internet radio! mixcloud.com/FoundonSubmithubRadio/found-sounds-submithub-94  (IngrownRecords.com and Ingrown Radio)


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Found Sounds Submithub #94

Raays - Beneath Your Surface
Eudscher - ID125
BaoBao - Mellow
FERHAT - My Istanbul - Jan Brauer Remix
icoro - Last Parade II
CATBEAR - I'll Meet You At The End
Gentoo - Kamma
The OhOhOhs - Mighty Night
Trust the Mask - Our Fault
Eamonn Watt - Spaces
Ashtenn - Alive
Bucky - A Sit
Moonfile - Serpentine
Atmospheric River - Birth of a Star
Valo - 206 (Joy)
GODDAMN GOTHS ON METH - Song Of Lies (Remix)
JkoMusic - Sunray
Ana Gutiérrez - Hummingbird's Shot
Boy With Drill - Small Town Troubles
Sociedad Síntrica Dodecafónica - Agoraphobia
Abandoned Toys - As Anastasia Shimmered Unearthly
Matt Lange x Castles Made Of Sky x Andre Sobota x Waves_On_Waves x Darin Epsilon - When I Dream (feat. Darin Epsilon, Matt Lange & André Sobota)
Cam Haze - Hideaway
Luminem - Birth of Elements (Oxygen Rework) (Remix by IKSRE)
Advenomia - Breach
KBT - Random City
The Decadent Orchestra - Whole
Silo beatz x Scorzayzee - Im waiting
LusiD - This Track Totally Aligns My Chakras, Bro
Marvillous Beats - Sunkissed
Tim Heyer - August
John Everett Hawkins - Iron Gray
Tokyo Bedroom Orchestra - Komorebi
icoro - Mama Africa II
Novlik - You
icoro - Fiesta
opeNWave - Dream #3
icoro - Orient Express I
icoro - Neva
icoro - Savanna la Mar


We would also like to thank!


Rádio Armazém And Sauce Playlists for placing us on their spotify playlists!!!



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